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How it works

App Installation

Set up your device
to get your
virtual card.

ID Photo
Prevent frauds and thefts by validating people’s identity.

Proof of life

Take a selfie and validate your identity through biometric standards.

You have a new card!

That's it! Use your virtual card when and where you need it.

Why choose Verifiable Credentials through

Secure Onboarding Proccess?

  • Use it on a mobile or desktop browser. Your device just need a camera enabled!
  • Identify facial biometrics to validate information. Create unique verifiable credentials!
  • Carry your credentials across organizational boundaries thanks to an open development

More about Verifiable Credentials

Microsoft Authenticator creates and stores a credential that can be used with third parties. These may check the validity just by looking at the person's mobile.

The credentials belongs to the user, who decides to whom or where to show them.

The identity belongs to the user.

About VU Security alliance with Microsoft

Since 2016, Microsoft and VU™ work together to offer last-generation solutions that help companies and governments be more competitive. Their mission is to improve people's lives by protecting digital identities, reducing transactional risks and preventing fraud crimes.

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